The three (Perl) modules described below look pretty cool, as well as "kewl" -- 
an interface to read/write MODS, an interface to interact with Fedora Commons, 
an interface to convert data from one thing to another. I can see how these can 
be useful tools in some of my work. Thank you. --Eric Lease Morgan

On Aug 6, 2013, at 2:59 AM, Patrick Hochstenbach 
<> wrote:

> LibreCat
> -=-=-=-=
> LibreCat is an open collaboration of the university libraries of Lund,
> Ghent, and Bielefeld to create tools for library and research services.
> One of the toolkits we provide is called 'Catmandu'
> ( which is
> a suite of tools to do ETL processing on library data. We provide tools
> to import data via JSON, YAML, CSV, MARC, SRU, OAI-PMH and more. To
> transform this data we created a small DSL language that librarians use
> in our institutions. Also we make it very easy to store the results in
> MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Solr or export it into various formats.
> We create also command line tools because we felt that in our daily jobs
> we were creating the same type of adhoc Perl scripts over and over for
> endless reports. 
> E.g. to create a CSV file of all titles in a MARC export we say something 
> like:
> $ catmandu convert MARC to CSV --fix 'marc_map("245","title"); 
> retain_field("record");' < records.mrc
> To get all titles from our institutional repository we say:
> $ catmandu convert OAI --url  to JSON --fix 
> 'retain_field("title")'
> To store a MARC export into a MongoDB we do:
> $ catmandu import MARC to MongoDB --database_name mydb --bag data < 
> records.mrc
> Here is a blog post about the commands that are available: 
> See our project page for more information about LibreCat and Catmandu : 
> and a tutorial how to work with the API
> MODS::Record
> -=-=-=-=-=-=
> In one of our Catmandu  projects we created a Perl connector for Fedora
> Commons (
> One of our goals was to integrate better with the Islandora project. For
> this we needed a  Perl MODS parser. As there was no module available on
> CPAN we provide a top level module like MARC::Record called MODS::Record
> I
> hope this will be of some help for the community. If there are coders
> here who would like to contribute to the MODS package please drop me a
> line. I think CPAN MODS support shouldn't be dependent on one coder, one
> institution.
> Greetings from a sunny Belgium,
> Patrick

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