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> If we are just talking about ISO 2709, the whole family of MARC formats in
> general, then you have to remember that UNIMARC and obsolete formats like 
> have very different requirements. UKMARC and UNIMARC are actually much easier 
> to
> work with than MARC21 because the ISBD punctuation is not carried in the 
> record
> but is generated from the subfield tags. So you don't have to say "give me the
> 245 $a and $b but strip / off the end if present" because the slash is not
> there.

same thing with MARC21: Punctuation regime for the record is governed by Leader
pos. 18 ("descriptive cataloging form" which currently gives the choice between
mainly "AACR2", "ISBD with punctuation" and "ISBD without punctuation" - and
not yet code(s) for "RDA").

Here in Germany there is a strong tradition that cataloguers shall not enter
punctuation when the field granularity of the underlying database allows its
automatic generation for display or conversion to other formats
(what I mean is: punctuation is generated when converting from the internal
format to MARC in cases where MARC is not as granular as the internal format).

This applies to RAK data in the union databases and its transport via MAB2 or
MARC21 and it is also the intention to carry this on when switching from RAK
to RDA.

[There's also been the regulation for the D-A-CH application layer to move
punctuation which cannot be eliminated to the start of the subfield "it
belongs to", e.g.

245 $a title = $b parallel title


245 $a title $b = parallel title

probably on the prospect that this could ease processing...]

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