Hi Robin

By default all repeated subfields get joined by empty space, you can set this 
with the 'join' option:


gives you:

    "subject","Pictorial works%%%Juvenile"

Or, if you have many 650 fields they are all joined into one string:

    "subject","Pictorial works%%%Juvenile%%%foo%%%bar%%%test"

With the split_field command you can turn this again into an array:


gives you

    "subject",["Pictorial works","Juvenile","foo","bar","test"]


PS. Indeed, the marc_map.pl is a bit cryptic. We are compiling perl scripts to 
make the executing much faster. The developers are now figuring out how to 
refactor this compilation out so that the Fix packages are easier to read.
From: Robin Sheat [ro...@catalyst.net.nz]
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2014 5:11 AM
To: perl4lib
Subject: Converting MARC fields with Catmandu - repeated subfields being 
squished together.

I'm using catmandu to JSON-ise MARC records for storage in
Elasticsearch, and seem to have come up with something that I can't
readily see how to fix (without getting down and dirty with fixers.)

I have a record that has this:

["650"," ","0","a","Time","v","Pictorial works","v","Juvenile

and a mapping:

marc_map('650v', 'subject.$append')

This works well enough in most cases, however when the subfield is
doubled up, I end up with:

"subject":["Time","Pictorial worksJuvenile literature."]

The $append doesn't seem to apply in this case. This only seems to
happen to repeats within a field, other 650$v subfields are in their own
strings, though suffer the same problem.

Is this a bug in Catmandu-MARC? I've tried reading the marc_map.pl file,
but the lack of internal documentation, and the nature of what it's
doing make it not the easiest thing to understand.

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