Patrick Hochstenbach schreef op vr 06-06-2014 om 06:53 [+0200]:
> By default all repeated subfields get joined by empty space, you can
> set this with the 'join' option:
>     marc_map('650v','subject',join:'%%%')

This doesn't work:

$ cat test.fixes

(the remove is just to make the results easier to see.)

In the MARC record I'm experimenting with:

650  0 _aCounting
       _vPictorial works
       _vJuvenile literature.
650  0 _aEnglish language
       _vPictorial works
       _vJuvenile literature.
650  0 _aTime
       _vPictorial works
       _vJuvenile literature.
650  0 _aChildren's stories, English
       _vPictorial works.

$ catmandu convert MARC --fix test.fixes < test.marc 
can't load fix marc_map('650','subject',join:'###');
: Not enough arguments for join or string at (eval 85) line 1, near "join:"
syntax error at (eval 85) line 1, near "join:"

Followed by a trace. The same goes when I attempt to use split:1, and
pretty much anything after the two parameters.

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