I should probably say, "apparent solution" 'cause character set issues never 
seem to end.

However, combining Jon Gorman's recommendation with some Googling, I get:

my $outfile='4788022.edited.bib';
open (my $output_marc, '>', $outfile) or die "Couldn't open file $!" ;
binmode($output_marc, ':utf8');

The open statement may not be quite correct, as I am not familiar with the more 
current techniques for opening file handles that John mentioned. However, when 
I use those instructions to open the output file rather than what I had before, 
the copyright symbol does indeed come across as C2 A9 as it was in the original 
record. I didn't want to use the utf8, because I've tried that before and ended 
up with double-encoding (and a real mess). But I'll continue testing.

The results of the googling I referred to can be found at: 

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