At OCLC we have some good results detecting frequent encodings and recurring 
encoding problems using Naïve Bayesian classification. You have to have 
training data for the classes you want to detect. And language comes into play, 
because the distribution of characters is dependent on it. No silver bullet 
That said, you might check the recurrence of this problem. For instance using 
Algorithm::NaiveBayes  or another classifier algorithm.


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  Marios lyberak writes

> i have a file which is generated out of an old Paradox database,
> and i try to figure out what is the encoding of these strangely represented
> characters

  I know of no way to automate this, and I don't think anybody else
  does. You just simply need to read the file with various encodings
  set at parsing, and manually inspect whether you get the right

  Your Paradox manual may be of help to reduce the number of candidate
  character sets.



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