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Dear colleagues,
I would like to remind you that the next international IPM conference will be this September in Paris, the program looks great with contributions from UK, Scotland, Germany, Austria, US, Japan, Belgium, Poland and of course lots of presentations on insect pests and also fungi from France. The conference will be translated in English and French! There are some great talks on new results from a big anoxia experiment in Germany, on the new pest - the grey silverfish (Ctenolepisma lengicaudata) that is eating our paper objects in Austria, new light traps from France and many other great news! And if you still have some time and energy you can visit Mona Lisa....
Location: LOUVRE Museum
Date: 13th until 15th of September 2016
On the 12th , before the conference, there are still some places left for the one day intensive IPM workshop, please register soon as it will be booked out in the near future!
So hope to see you all there and all the best from Vienna, Austria

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