The two on the left are ground beetles in the family Carabidae.  The one on the 
right is a click beetle in the family Elateridae.  They are outdoor beetles.  
It is obvious they are flying to lights affixed to your building and then 
walking in under doors and through other openings.  Change your lights to 
sodium vapor lights to reduce the attractiveness to night-flying insects.
Left on the glueboards for long periods of time, they will be consumed by 
carpet beetle larvae.
Tom Parker
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Hello all,
My curatorial assistant found these three similar beetles in one of our insect 
traps today (a public gallery with a wide variety of items on display 
(taxidermy specimens, wooden sculpture, ceramics, furniture, lithic material, 
most of which are displayed on wooden pedestals). 
They are 5 mm in length and the one on the right is actually a brown color, 
rather than black. We typically get spiders and mites and centipedes caught in 
the traps in this particular gallery so we’re concerned about these as we don’t 
know what they are. They appeared within the last 10 days.
Please advise at your convenience and thank you for your help.
Nezka Pfeifer
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