If I may depart from all this frivolity for a moment-- I very much appreciate 
Ken Brekke's words, but the fact is I came to the understanding a while ago 
that there were only so many ways you can do clever things with "phono" and 
another word. So, inevitably, different people are going to come up with the 
same idea. That's life. I probably should have called myself PhonoPhabrizio. 
Why didn't I think of this sooner!!??  TF

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Just to clear my name, several years ago when I signed up to Fleabay,  I
used Phono-Phan as a ID not knowing about Phonophan, Tim Fabrizio.  I
have used it on the TMF also.  When I found out about Phonophan, Tim
Fabrizio, and talked to  him about it at the Union show and there wasn't
a problem.   I don't know who is using his ID on Youtube.

P.S.  Tim, how is the Herzog horn wood graining coming?  I would love to
see how it ended up.

Ken Brekke

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