At long last, I've started cataloging and organizing my 78's.  I've been 
collecting them -- or, more accurately, accumulating them -- for decades, but 
have never had any idea how many I have, and little idea what they were, other 
than that they're all pre-war (I don't keep later discs) and I'm pretty sure 
there's nothing really valuable in there, which is good because I'd be afraid 
to play such a record.  I've got a spread sheet going and a good system in 
place, and I've gotten through about a thousand so far, separating acoustic 
from electric, putting each one in a sleeve, marking it, and boxing them up.  
I've got plenty of sleeves and boxes from Bags Unlimited, but everything is for 
10" 78's, which are the vast majority of my records.  I do, however, have some 
odd-sized ones -- maybe 100 or so 12" discs, a couple of blue American Record 
Company discs that are probably 10.75" or 11" in diameter, a few dozen 7" discs 
(mostly Emersons -- some with their original sleeves, which are cool; did 
anyone out there know Emerson made external horn machines? I didn't), a lot of 
6" Little Wonders, and one 8" Victor record.  My question is:  What can I do 
for sleeves for these?  And boxes?  The only 12" sleeves I've ever seen are 
floppy (for LP's), ditto for 7" sleeves (for 45's), and never anything else.  
I'm probably most concerned about the American Record Company discs, because 
they're the oldest and most unusual, but they also seem like they would be the 
hardest fit.  Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
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