Kurt Nauck's record sleeves are the finest you will find,  and worthy 
protectors  of your best records. If I could afford to buy 10,000 of them, 
all of my records would be in Nauckvelopes.   Barring a lottery win,  I 
intend to get enough to cover my 'odd' size records.

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Like you, I have 78s of varying sizes which can present storage issues.
It has been a while since 12-inch heavy-duty green sleeves were readily 
available from former suppliers like Cohoes and Bags Unlimited. Maybe there 
is a new source I haven't found yet.
Meanwhile, I think the logical best place for you to start is Kurt Nauck's 
website which is www dot 78rpm dot com.
His resource center offers a large variety of sleeve sizes. Prices are 
commensurate with the size and quantity you need. The sleeves are well-made, 
rigid, and may do the trick for you.

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