A story of this type was reported about Madeleine starting in 1888, involving 
wax rather than tinfoil, with numerous variants (including a couple where she 
was narrowly rescued from pinching but then cried anyway when the noise of some 
machinery frightened her).  Sources include:

"The Baby at the Phonograph," New Brunswick Times, Dec. 7, 1888 (TAEM 146:268)

O. K. Davis, "Some Facts Relating to the Early Development of the Phonograph," 
Phonogram 3 (Mar.-Apr. 1893), 385-6.

"Phonograph the Baby's Cry," New York Morning Sun, Dec. 2, 1888 (TAEM 146:324)

"The Baby Wouldn't Cry," from New York Herald, in Indiana Progress (Indiana, 
Pennsylvania), Apr. 24, 1895, p. 7.

 - Patrick

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  Does anyone remember where the story of Edison's son ("Dash") making a 
tinfoil recording (1877-78) because his father pinched him, appears?



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