I have had the fortune to be able to newly reprint over 15 catalogs, many
rare, adding to the growing inventory of over 45 catalogs and paper
reprints available.

In addition, I have completely revamped my paper listing, adding larger
pictures, better descriptions, and including all of the newly available
catalogs.Please email me directly for a PDF of what I have available.

To give you a taste, here are a few of the many new ones.

   The Standard Metal Manufacturing Company - Horns and accessories,
   including flowered bodied horns
   Talking Machine Company of Chicago 1898 - Polyphones, early Columbia
   outfits, including the fancy base Eagle
   Polyphone The New Talking Machine 1898  - Polyphones, Edisons, etc
   Sears and Roebuck (Huge catalog) Phonograps and records from 1902
   Victor 0, I - IV instruction manuals
   Victor Victrola instruction manual
   Victor 16 instruction manual
   Edison catalog of phonographs - 1898
   Edison catalog of phonographs - 1911

These catalogs have wonderful data in them. All of my catalogs are
reprinted on high-quality paper and marked as a reprint.

Prices plus nominal shipping to you. No PayPal, but checks are fine. Please
contact me with interest at mshawnorou...@gmail.com

Thank you


Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954 <#>[image: Inline image 1] <#>
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