Thank you, Patrick.
  I see that Francis Miller (1931) basically lifted the anecdote  
(regarding the baby crying on tinfoil, 'NY Herald') from Francis Jones'  1907 
bio of 
  Is it possible to push the story back further in time? The ("NY  Herald") 
text that both authors used was actually from April of 1895.
  Of course, the incident also appears in the 1940 film with  Spencer Tracy 
as TAE.
In a message dated 4/20/2016 6:41:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

“The  Baby at the Phonograph,” New Brunswick Times, Dec. 7, 1888 (TAEM  
O.  K. Davis, “Some Facts Relating to the Early Development of the 
Phonograph,”  Phonogram 3 (Mar.-Apr. 1893), 385-6. 
“Phonograph  the Baby’s Cry,” New York Morning Sun, Dec. 2, 1888 (TAEM 
“The  Baby Wouldn’t Cry,” from New York Herald, in Indiana Progress  
(Indiana, Pennsylvania), Apr. 24, 1895, p. 7.

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