Yep this make sense to take profit from continuous queries.
I would try something like this, put all my flows in influxdb in a db with a low retention policy, and get the metric I want to keep from continuous queries in a separate db with higher retention. Ram was not my fear, as you said it was cheap, but more the disk IOs on big queries ?

Raphael Mazelier

On 11/11/2016 10:23, Catalin Petrescu wrote:
Hi Raphael,

We are doing one measurment for each netflow exporter. Also we keep only
the data for 60 days ( retention policy on influxdb ). On top of that we
run continuous queries to generate a new measurment for total traffic in/
total traffic in from transit/peers , this are the most used graphs by our
Even with above influxdb still uses ~10G of ram constant. I beleive this
can be optimised if you don't use that many primitives and/or use less

Ram is cheap anyway so for us it does the job.


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