So, what *IS* happening with Stella?

With quiet deference, not personally knowing your policy on sacrifices,


On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 2:18 AM, Urs Koenig (QL) <> wrote:

> Tony Tebby wrote:
> > 5) The only real barrier is ignorance. The story of Android is
> illustrative. If, in
> > 2005, Google had known that they could have developed an entirely new
> > operating system and had it up and running sooner than trying to kludge
> > something out of Linux, would they have bought Android Inc. for $50M? Of
> > course not, but they did not know.
> First, glad to read from you again!
> Having to deal with all kind of Windows and Linux systems in my
> professional
> life, I must say that the pain is not big enough for most people and the
> industry to rethink and restart. That's how human function, look at cars or
> electricity for example. Even with global warming and GAU's like Chernobyl
> and Fukushima rethinking and revolution are slow and with hurdles.
> Anyhow, I still spend approx. an hour a day to keep your legacy alive. The
> QL/E distribution - made with my limited skills and capabilities - is an
> offspring which is a handy thing to run, experience and show
> what-could-have-been. At least those 500+ completed downloads since April
> 2015 prove some interest is still there.
> Urs
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