On 2017-03-19 22:28, Marcel Kilgus wrote:

> Why? Because I can.
> Read the details here:
> https://www.kilgus.net/2017/03/19/toolkit-ii-the-sequel/

>>Michael Bulford wrote:
>> I have installed the bin version on Q-emulator. My initial thoughts
>> were that this is fantastic, since it noticeably improves the
>> performance of my programs - they start up quicker!  
>> However... when I enter WSTAT win5_, the output is garbled. STAT win5_ gives 
>> 0/0 sectors.

>Ah yes, I fixed that bug in the ROM but forgot to update the _link for
>the RESPR version. Please download again.


Thanks for fixing this, but the STAT bug remains.
Also, ALTKEY doesn't work.  ALT ENTER does work.

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