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> Jan Bredenbeek wrote:
> > QMAC can do conditional assembly outside macros using the GENIF and
> > keywords. Check the updates textfile for details.
> Ah, I only checked the manual, how foolish of me ;-) Great, thanks, I
> will check that out.

I discovered it only a week or two ago ;-).
I've always found this a major omission in the otherwise great GST
It's a bit awkward to use though as QMAC doesn't let you define symbols via
the command line. I had to create two _ASM files, one for the ROM version
and one for the RAM version with a variable set to 1 or 0 (using EQU or
SETNUM) and then INCLUDE the target _ASM file from there.
So you can use GENIF <variable> = 0 or 1 as appropriate. Beware: there MUST
be a space around the equals sign and when you use SETNUM to set the
variable you have to use brackets around its name (i.e. GENIF [variable] =
1), which isn't necessary when defining a symbol with EQU...


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