Michael Bulford wrote:
>> Do you use QemuLator by any chance? It returns allocation size as "1
>> bytes" for attached directories, which the TK2 code can't handle
>> never could). It expects multiples of 256 bytes. Other devices work
>> fine here.
> If QemuLator is used with SMSQ_QEM, then both STAT and DIR will work with RAM,
> but it still won't work with WIN directories. It has been working correctly 
> before.

WIN directories? You mean attached directories? It works fine with
attached .WIN files.

With SMS_MEM 3.13 I get 0/0.
With TK2.26 I get 0/0 for those.
With TK2.12 I get 30000/30000, which is nonsense, too.

I don't see how this ever worked unless QemuLator behaviour was
changed in some version. As I said, the TK2 code (and thus SMSQ/E
code) doesn't like any allocation that is not multiple of 256. This
has always been the case, I just fixed the code a few years back so it
can handle larger drivers.

QPAC2 Files on the other hand can cope with any allocation size. I did
a lot of changes there, too, so I'm not sure if that has always been
the case or was the result of my changes.


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