On 31 Mar 2017 at 12:12, Marcel Kilgus wrote:

> Fabrizio Diversi wrote:
> > if someone is wondering, Tk2 2.31 is perfectly working also in Mist (at
> > least as far as I can see:-))
> Thanks for the feedback. Are there people badly missing the network
> code in the new TK2, i.e. is this still a thing?

Depends on ROM or RAM.

The network code is an essential of the ROM version. If removed, I 
would not call the result TK2 ROM anymore. So QL tinkerers who 
actually burn that into ROM, are aware to lose a major feature they 
probably expect.

Pure BASIC extensions can run from RAM, while the network code is 
hardware dependant and must run from ROM. I would not remove code 
from ROM which needs to run there, and replace it by code which can 
run elsewhere.

By the way, retro-computing with the original hardware seems to 
happen more often, not less often in recent years.


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