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Fabrizio Diversi wrote:
if someone is wondering, Tk2 2.31 is perfectly working also in Mist (at
least as far as I can see:-))
Thanks for the feedback. Are there people badly missing the network
code in the new TK2, i.e. is this still a thing?
Depends on ROM or RAM.

The network code is an essential of the ROM version. If removed, I
would not call the result TK2 ROM anymore. So QL tinkerers who
actually burn that into ROM, are aware to lose a major feature they
probably expect.

Pure BASIC extensions can run from RAM, while the network code is
hardware dependant and must run from ROM. I would not remove code
from ROM which needs to run there, and replace it by code which can
run elsewhere.

By the way, retro-computing with the original hardware seems to
happen more often, not less often in recent years.


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Hmm - yes, I hadn't spotted the loss of the network routines and think these are essential in the ROM.

It would probably be better to offer a separate toolkit which can be loaded from disk and sit alongside the ROM version, containing the new commands and just update the existing Toolkit II ROM to include any updates / bug fixes or improvements, rather than removing features which users might expect to use.

The full RAM version of the Toolkit II should actually be listed as an upgrade to the 'configurable Super Toolkit' version which Care used to sell :)


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