As this seems to be very near at QLib, it makes me wonder, if TT has any long lost source code of QLib.

Marcel Kilgus:
Jan Bredenbeek wrote:
I've been doing a lot of disassembling on the original QL ROM but
understanding the SuperBASIC parser was a bridge too far for me, so I found
it a very interesting read. It raises one question though - is SBASIC an
interpreter or a real-time compiler?
It's a compiler that compiles to intermediate code and an interpreter
for this code. Basically the same as a real-time QLiberator. And
actually similar to how modern languages do this, like Java and C# (if
we disregard the later hot-spot compilation step).

I'm still working on BASICODE and hit upon another 'feature' which works
differently in SBASIC: the vector at $138 can be used to LIST a number of
lines (from D4 to D6), but in the original ROMs and Minerva it can also be
used to execute a DLINE when called with D7<>0 (I believe the TK2 ED
command makes extensive use of this). However in SBASIC the DLINE feature
doesn't work, and from examining the code I could deduce that D7 isn't
being tested at all!
Haven't investigated anything in this regard, but full source code for
TK ED is available and other than a different way to call the vectored
routines it's identical between QDOS and SMSQ/E.

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