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Hi Marcel,
> Do you think it is possible for the SMSQ/E internal compiler produce a
> compiled version of the SBASIC programme?

You can EXEC a SBASIC program in the same way as a 'normal' executable
program on SMSQ/E (which actually starts another instance of SBASIC).
But the code produced by the real-time compiler is not real 68000 code but
pseudo-code and needs the SBASIC environment to work. So it cannot be a
stand-alone EXECable program unless the SBASIC runtime environment also
comes with it.
Nevertheless it would be a great idea if you could write a procedure in
SBASIC and LRESPR the compiled code as SBASIC extension so you have it
always available. AFAIK there is no higher-level language compiler capable
of producing SBASIC extensions - or perhaps Qliberator?


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