Hi Bob,

> SMSQ/E 3.31 (GoldCard.bin) starts successfully on my QL (issue 6 +SGC).
> The only anomaly so far is that, while the previous 3.13 BOOTs normally  
>  from my ROMdisq, this version forgets about the ROM1_ device it started  
>  from and thus fails to finish the rest of the BOOT program.

Thanks to you and Derek, I found out that your 3.13 "SMSQ.GOLD" was
identical to 3.13 "Aurora.bin", both 255664 bytes long.

That one crashes during boot on both GoldCard QL and Qemulator.

The 3.13 "Gold.bin", 227694 bytes long, does not crash.

But unfortunately it kills the RomDisQ, just like 3.17. So I am not any
further. Probably need an even older version.

Anway thanks for trying to help!

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