On my old good Q40 platform, I used a very early unusable SMSQ/E ROMed
version. It served only to load a more suitable SMSQ/E version from hard
disk on boot.


As I was recently playing with all kind of ATA/ATAPI devices, I needed to
have a working OS starting from ROM without necessary having a working
master device. Then, I decided to burn a new ROM with a good SMSQ/E version;
A real challenge for a novice tinkerer like me.


After having prepared all necessary burning material, I discovered that
recent SMSQ/E versions are greater than 256KBytes and can't fit in a
standard ROM on Q40 using 2x27C0124 ships; Grrr Horror.


With some help from "a gentleman registrar" and "community", I could have a
good enough working version within the limit of 256KB. I have managed to
burn a new ROM with SMSQ/E version 3.11 and this worked fine; Good start.


I was happy with this result until I needed to add a new module to the ROMed
SMSQ/E OS. I wished to add my new QubATA driver as a module and start it
automatically with SMSQ/E. As this module takes about 16KB.; Again, it can't
fit in ROM..


Knowing Q40 may support greater ROMs (up to 1 MBytes), I purchased some
27C2048 ships (256KBytes capacity, each) permitting to have a global ROM of
512KB. It wasn't easy to find these ships at reasonable price on the market.
Derek has also managed to find some 27C4096 ships (512KB each) in the back
of a drawer permitting to have a global ROM of 1MBytes; Plenty of ROM space.


I have managed to burn the latest SMSQ/E version 3.31 on a big ROM with some
extra modules. This also worked as expected; A new "Quantum Leap".


I was happy with this new result.until I have got another idea. While
reading the Q40 manual I noticed the ROM selector which permit to split ROM
with 2 parts for 2 different OSes.


I then wanted to have 2 SMSQ/E systems, one for a standard stable use and
the other for test and experimenting use. I was also proud to find some
utility for the Turbo-switch button lurking in my case for years which I can
use to select wanted OS. As I used a dual CF card readers and 2 ISA cards
I/O, I could be able to change easily between different system
configurations without the need to open the case; A dreamful.


Then I was discussing for a while with Peter and Derek to learn how to
split/combine all parts and construct the big ROM image with 2 OSes. Very
interesting but we discovered later that ROM selector doesn't permit more
than 128KBytes as continuous space addressing, so it can't be used to have 2
bigs OSes whatever the size of used ROM; Return to reality.


I have also noticed that different SMSQ/E versions may have different
behaviors on starting. On my system per example, the v3.31 need to be
restarted with the Reset button after switching On the Power to get SMSQ/E
correctly started from ROM, while it starts normally when LRESPRed from
disk. It looks like a timing issue related to Ready State for some devices.
Some versions don't load at all when launched from Classic QDOS even from
disk; Old history.


Finally, I returned to the last working configuration with a 512KBytes ROM
with a recent tuned SMSQ/E version, plus some extra modules and enough free
space left for the next (10 ?) years needs; Great.


By the way, the Turbo switch button is again free on my case. Any idea ?


Sorry for this long history that I hope someway useful.



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