Thanks Peter for your comments.

> Could it be your QubATA code? I remember that Qubide was always a bit
critical on powerup.

This happens without QubATA or any extra code or configured items.
Qubide was always a bit critical on powerup, QubATA is not ;-)

> How about the monitor? Or did you find one of the rare Flatscreens that
can display 1024x512 well?

I still have a CRT multisync monitor (probably the last one working) but I
used also a video upscaler VGA to HDMI on faltscreens.

Anyway, I don't really use the high resolution (1024x512) which is not
enough compliant with my eyes quality requirement.
However the 16 bits colours mode is excellent.

> You'd have to bend one pin of each EPROM, so they don't connect to the
socket. Then connect both bent pins by wire with turbo switch and a pullup.
(The onboard ROM selector jumpered to "Normal Operation".)

This sounds promising. Not afraid. Pins number please. Thanks

PS : Bouton = Button = Taste = Botòn = some kind of electrical equipment
when pushed or turned, switches from a stable state (Computer OFF) to an
unstable state (Computer ON) - :-)


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