Thanks for your patience Alain.
This email saga is proving to be very stressful. I am now getting duplicates of all Gmail emails in my Windows Live Mail inbox just to add to my woes. It seems from gmail forums that this is a very common problem and almost as many reasons and fixes as there are versions of WLM, none of which work for me. I absolutely hate Gmail, not one thing has gone right since I started using it. Google should stick to search engines.

Purely in terms of emails, it's an inconvenience. However, as I am a person who uses different passwords for all websites, I have about 30 pages of login details to wade through before the old email addresses are discontinued shortly. As such, the email problems make it risky for me to change logins everywhere because emails currently randomly don't get through with no error messages, turn up in random numbers (usually duplicates), and sometimes turn up days after being sent.

Until these problems are sorted, I'm effectively out of the QL scene, I'm not going to risk making changes until I have no choice (the old email addresses expire end of the month)

Modern IT is getting so bad we will soon be better off going back to pencil and paper.

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