Hi John,

Please send my regards and best wishes to Bill.


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> On 09/05/17 15:22, John Taylor wrote:
>> Bull Newell is very ill with Sepsis.
>> He is in hospital, but as he is a diabetic and I have heard he has
>> Alzheimers  disease, his prospects are not too good.
>> His time as Membership Secretary, followed by his time as Chairman of
>> Quanta where very rewarding.
>> Quanta in those days was very difficult to manage as too many member
>> pushed or pulled in different directions.
>> It was always Bill’s claim that Quanta needed a ”Benevolent Dictator"
>> Bill was never a Dictator.
>> May he recover as we owe him so much.
>> John Taylor
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>> Hi John,
> I always like taking to Bill at Quanta Workshops, he was always a positive
> person.
> Please send my regards to Bill and I hope he makes a swift recovery.
> --
> Regards,
> Derek
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