Dilwyn Jones wrote:
> I currently pay GBP9.59 for the domain and email forwarding, and £21.60 for
> the hosting per year. Personal email addresses from 123-reg with pop, imap
> and webmail cost GP2.99+VAT *EACH*, with 5GB space (well, it says "from
> £2.99".....and here in rip-off Britain, "from" means you will usually be
> charged  more than that, you hardly ever end up paying the price you see).

I currently pay 7€ per month and everything basically just works. Had
this contract since 2001, some time in between the company (Puretec)
was bought by 1and1. I've never been a huge 1and1 fan, but it still
works fine, so I'm pretty happy regardless.

I don't even use 90% of what's included in the package, so basically I
could give you hosting and up to 492 eMail addresses (of the 500
addresses included ;) ) with your own domain for free if you want

All the best, Marcel

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