Dear all,

I have a question on Pagels Lambda.

In my study, I use both continious and binary functional traits. I have 
succeded in calculating the lambda for my continious traits linked to a BEAST 
phylogeny, using the code from Liam Revells blog.

Q1: Am I right if I say the lambda cannot be used on binary traits? Might the 
statistic D can be useful instead?

Q2: I am asked to calculate the lambda on a tree prossessed with MrBayes. This 
tree was made to visualize the length of the branches, and is not linked to any 
trait values at the tips. I think Pagels Lambda is useless for this purpose, 
but I'm not 100 % sure. Should I re-run the analysis in MrBayes with tip values?

Kind regards,

Camilla Lindberg

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