Hi Carmelo,

thank you so much for the suggestions. =)

All the best

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Hi Ting-Wen,
as Ted pointed out, if and how one has to correct for multiple tests
is a huge topic. Perhaps looking at the literature and making your own
opinion on this matter would be the best choice (for example, Perneger
1998 - British Medical Journal and Garcia 2004 - Oikos, present two
different points of view in a very accessible way).

A few extra points:
- There are other methods that are generally less conservative than
the Holm procedure ("Sequential Bonferroni"); these include the
Benjamini-Hochberg procedure (Benjamini & Hochberg 1995 - Journal of
the Royal Statistical Society; see also Benjamini & Yekutieli 2001 -
The Annals of Statistics) and other more recent procedures (such as
Carvajal-Rodriguez & de Una-Alvarez 2011 - Plos One); most of these
are worth checking out, making your opinion on them and, possibly,
using them (most of them have R implementations)

- If your dataset is multidimensional/multivariate in nature, you
might want to consider using multivariate approaches for estimating
and testing for phylogenetic signal (e.g., Adams 2014 - Systematic
Biology), rather than many univariate tests

- If your dataset/hypothesis is multivariate in nature, testing
individual PCs separately might be a poor choice (especially for PCs
of order higher than 1), if it is not multivariate in nature, there
might be no reason to use PCA

I hope this is of some help.

Carmelo Fruciano
Postdoctoral Fellow - Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane,
Honorary Fellow - University of Catania - Catania, Italy
e-mail c.fruci...@unict.it<mailto:c.fruci...@unict.it>

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