Hi Everyone,

Thank you Jacob, Keith and Emmanuel for your responses. What I am trying to do 
is a little different than what the solutions posted here would do. I am not 
important a distribution of trees, but rather a single tree with the support 
values already included. So imagine something like comparing support for three 
trees (the first two are bootstraps is from bootstraps, the third is Pp):

  1.  (A:0.1, (B:0.2, (C:0.3, D:0.4)100:0.5)95:0.55);
  2.  (A:0.1, (B:0.2, (C:0.3, D:0.4)60:0.5)20:0.55);
  3.  (A:0.1, (B:0.2, (C:0.3, D:0.4)1:0.5)0.8:0.55);

This would show that support for clade BCD would be 95, 20, 0.8 in each of the 
three trees and support for CD would 100, 60 and 1.0 respectively.

Is there a method that could read the trees with support, find the shared 
clades, and generate a table by node for all three support values?



Frank T. Burbrink, Ph.D.
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American Museum of Natural History
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