Hello everyone,

First time writing here so I'm not sure how it works.. Apologies in advance if 
I do something wrong! I am struggling with my data in R (I'm pretty 
inexperienced with R as well, so it's getting a little complicated).

Basically my data consists in a phylogeny and this:

Species                                             Phenotype                   
Gorilla_gorilla_gorilla                          1                              
Homo_sapiens                                          0                         
Pan_paniscus                                          1                         
Pan_troglodytes_troglodytes                  1                                  
Macaca_mulatta                                          1                       

Where a1 are the values of one gene's expression and phenotype is the presence 
(1) or absence (0) of a certain type of behaviour.

I need to find a way to see the probability that the expression of the gene a1 
produces the presence of the behaviour, keeping in mind the species 
phylogenetic relationships (after that I'll need to find a way to automatize 
that for the 13,035 genes left), and I've been told that I must have a p-value 
per gene, so after that I'll work only with the group of significant p-values.

I've tried some packages, the last one was MCMCglmm but I don't know if I'm in 
the correct direction or if there's an easier way to get there...

Thank you very very much in advance,

Best wishes,


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