You have gotten plenty of good answers so let me focus on some of the 
high-level points and some details that people didn’t respond to: 

> On May 2, 2017, at 6:01 PM, Daniel Prager <> wrote:
> More concise and clear expression of contracts
>       • The implies operator

Missing but I am sure we would accept a pull request on that one. 

>       • Proper support for invariant-checking

Well. It’s kind of there (see appended code at end) but not exactly. Eiffel has 
re-entry problems with invariants and Spec# cleaned this up a bit. We have a 
‘boundary philosophy’ (see beginning of Contract Guide and what I wrote there) 
and that is much cleaner but distinct from Eiffel for sure. 

>       • Proper support for covariant inheritance

That’s unsound so we did not want to go there. 

>       • Tools for automatically generating documentation

Good idea. We have bits and pieces for that. Nothing too useful. 

>       • Better tools for turning off contracts by configuration

As Tony Hoare said, what do you think of a boater who practices on land with 
his swim vest on and then goes to sea and takes the swim vest off? 

> My questions are: 
>       • Is it feasible to get similar behaviour from the official contract 
> system?, or
>       • Do these considerations call for building up an alternative system?

Yes you can. Racket’s contract system is far more expressive than Eiffel’s. It 
also repairs obvious short-comings (a polite way of saying problems) with 

What you are missing is what you can do with macros. 

> Restating my goals:
>       • Specify pre-conditions and post-conditions as simple predicates 
> (boolean expressions)
>       • Selectively turn off contracts (mainly post-conditions) for 
> performance in well-tested code.

See Hoare above. See Macro above. See the Literature pointer in Ben’s message. 
We want you to take responsibility for taking the swim vest off. 

#lang racket

(module server racket
    (c% (class/c (field [x positive?]) (setter (->m number? number?))))))

  (define c%
    (class object%
      (field [x -1])
      (define/public (setter x*) (begin0 x (set! x x*))))))

(module client racket
  (require (submod ".." server))
  (define c (new c%))
  (displayln `(the initial value does not have to live up to the field contract 
,(send c setter 2)))
  (with-handlers ([exn:fail:contract? (lambda (xn) (displayln `(you can't get 
away with bad sets)))])
    (send c setter 0)))

(require 'client)

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