> On May 4, 2017, at 8:40 PM, Dupéron Georges <jahvascriptman...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Le vendredi 5 mai 2017 02:30:50 UTC+2, Ben Greenman a écrit :
>> With a `define/contract-out` macro?
>> But I'd rather not have a macro like this in the contract library.
>> I prefer reading code with all the "provide" statements at the top of the 
>> file.
> Since provide transformers are executed in two passes (the second one being 
> after the expansion of the rest of the file, IIRC), I thought about writing 
> define/contract-out so that it saves the contract, but does not implicitly 
> provide the identifier.


[[ In a world where the IDE teases out all possible provides and can show a 
beautifully formatted interface for a module, we might not want to follow 
linguistics. ]] 

> On this topic, I have sometimes written recursive functions with expensive 
> contracts (when recursing down a list, a contract on the whole list will have 
> a total cost of O(n²)).

1. It’s “recurring” not “recursing”. The latter means curse and curse and curse 
and curse . . . 

2. I consider this a horrible idea and I made sure define/contract does not do 
so. If you feel that unsure about recursive functions, I recommend using types. 
They help you avoid typos at that level. 

— Matthias

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