Hi all,

While working through the first bits of the HtDP2e book, in DrRacket 6.9 on 
Mac, I get the following error whenever I try to run any program in the 
"Definitions" window that contains (require 2htdp/universe):

link: bad variable linkage;
 reference to a variable that is not a procedure or structure-type constant 
across all instantiations
  reference phase level: 0
  variable module: "/Applications/Racket 
  variable phase: 0
  reference in module: "/Applications/Racket 

Googling the error didn't help me out, and I'm afraid I'm too much of a noob 
right now to understand what's going on. What's more, I'm really sure this 
worked fine a few days ago. Restarting DrRacket doesn't help either.

Any suggestions would be most welcome! Thanks in advance :-)

Best regards,


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