The syntax-parse-example package is a showcase of useful macros written
using syntax-parse.

At the moment, the showcase is nearly empty ... but it's easy to contribute!

0. Design a beautiful macro, give it a name e.g. BOB
1. Run `raco pkg install --clone syntax-parse-example; cd
2. Run `raco syntax-parse-example --new BOB`. This generates a directory
and 3 files:
  - `BOB/BOB.rkt` : the macro goes here
  - `BOB/BOB-test.rkt` : for unit tests
  - `BOB/BOB.scrbl` : for documentation
3. Fill in the blanks in the new files, add `BOB` to the top-level file

Then, if you run `raco setup syntax-parse-example` it will render your
documentation on the page for the `syntax-parse-example` module.

- - -

Example doc:

The doc's source:

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