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> Hi Greg,
>     I am using 32-bit python27 and anaconda (with 64-bit windows 10). So I
> cannot update to latest version and test <jupyter cracked when drawing
> with "abnormal" operation of rdMolDraw2D> as you proposed several days
> ago.
>     Since it did not trouble me, I plan to upgrade all this environment in
> the future.

Is there any particular reason you are using 32bit python on a 64bit system?

BTW, is it necessary to upgrade python into 3.6 in case that RDkit won't
> support python2. I prefer 2.7 at least for now :)

I do not plan to discontinue support for python2 anytime in the foreseeable
future. There are still too many people who have not (or can not without
doing a lot of work) migrate to python 3. The RDKit will most likely
continue to support Python 2.7 for as long as the Python developers support
Python 2.7.

Having said that: anyone who does not have a large legacy base to support
or who is starting a new project *really* should use Python 3. Python 2 is
considered legacy by the Python developers and nothing new has been added
to it since 2010. All current and future development effort is focused on
Python 3 and the Python developers currently plan to stop supporting Python
2 in 2020. Whether you believe that date or not, the longer you wait to
make the move the harder it will be to do so.

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