At present, spamdyke does not log the HELO name and there's no easy way to 
configure it to do so.  I've been intending to make the logging more 
configurable to allow admins to capture information like this (and also the 
Subject or other headers) but haven't gotten it done yet.  Hopefully I'll be 
able to add it soon.

-- Sam Clippinger

On Jun 12, 2015, at 4:42 AM, Alessio Cecchi via spamdyke-users 
<> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running spamdyke 5.0.1 and works very well, but I have a request.
> Can spamdyke log the "helo" sent from the remote server? For example:
> spamdyke[10250]: ALLOWED from: to: 
> origin_ip: origin_rdns: helo: 
> auth: (unknown) encryption: (none) reason: 
> 250_ok_1434101245_qp_10301
> see " helo:".
> The helo is usefull but also mandatory if you want to send your log as feed 
> to DNSBL organizations to improve their spam detection (and this would be a 
> benefit for all users).
> Can the helo add via configuration or require some coding?
> -- 
> Alessio Cecchi
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