I'm not familiar with GreyLite at all, but "connection-time" means spamdyke 
does its work while the message is still coming into your mail server -- while 
the connection with the sending server is active.  This is as opposed to 
filtering messages in the mail queue, after the remote server is no longer 
connected (and believes the message has been delivered).  The advantage of a 
connection-time filter is the remote server sees the rejection and the spam is 
never stored on your server at all.  Rejecting messages after they've been 
queued requires either sending a bounce message or delivering it to a user's 
"Junk" folder.

This distinction comes up a lot around qmail regarding recipient validation.  
By itself, qmail does not validate recipients when messages are accepted.  Any 
username at a valid domain is accepted, then bounced later if the address turns 
out to be invalid.  This leads to the problem of "backscatter spam" -- spammers 
deliberately send messages to invalid addresses and set the "from" address to 
their intended target.  A qmail server will bounce the message (complete with 
spam or virus) to the victim.  For qmail to validate recipients at connection 
time requires a patch or a filter like spamdyke.

-- Sam Clippinger

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> People,
> I have been using GreyLite for many years but it hasn't been supported for 
> quite a while - I think it is time to update to SpamDyke . . but I have some 
> questions - first one:
> I looked at the SpamDyke web site and it is still not clear to me - it says 
> '"connection-time" means spamdyke evaluates and rejects spam while the remote 
> server is still delivering it' - does this mean it does it at the TCP / mail 
> envelope level? ie so it would be the same as GreyLite?  GL blocks and forces 
> possibly bad mails to be resent some time later which many spammers don't 
> attempt . .
> Thanks,
> Phil.
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