Hi Sam,


I just had a chance to have a go with the tests, and just as you expected it
was down to the rDNS of the sender being whitelisted. 

I don't know how many times I'd checked, and missed seeing it :)


Unfortunately I can't remember why I whitelisted it :( It belongs to an ESP.
If they are sending stuff that can't pass SD's filters, it doesn't belong in
anybody's mailbox. But obviously I needed to whitelist it for some reason at
some point. I will have to have a think about this.


But this situation inspires me to ask you to consider adding something to
the wishlist: 


When a messages is allowed to pass as a result of being whitelisted, could
there be an option to change the logging so that instead of just ALLOWED it
shows ALLOWED_WL_[type] or maybe WHITELIST_[type] or something along those




If you can login to ms2 at the command line, you could also try running
spamdyke by hand so you can see more verbose output without flooding your


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