Could probably do that.  Or maybe print the matching file/line in the "reason" 
field, the same way it already does for blacklist matches?

-- Sam Clippinger

On Jul 22, 2016, at 11:37 AM, Faris Raouf <> wrote:

> Hi Sam,
> I just had a chance to have a go with the tests, and just as you expected it 
> was down to the rDNS of the sender being whitelisted.
> I don’t know how many times I’d checked, and missed seeing it J
> Unfortunately I can’t remember why I whitelisted it L It belongs to an ESP. 
> If they are sending stuff that can’t pass SD’s filters, it doesn’t belong in 
> anybody’s mailbox. But obviously I needed to whitelist it for some reason at 
> some point. I will have to have a think about this.
> But this situation inspires me to ask you to consider adding something to the 
> wishlist:
> When a messages is allowed to pass as a result of being whitelisted, could 
> there be an option to change the logging so that instead of just ALLOWED it 
> shows ALLOWED_WL_[type] or maybe WHITELIST_[type] or something along those 
> lines?
> If you can login to ms2 at the command line, you could also try running 
> spamdyke by hand so you can see more verbose output without flooding your 
> logs.

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