The main reason you should parameterise queries is to protect against "SQL 
injection".  "Hardcoded" as below doesn't make much difference, but if the data 
being used comes in any way from an "untrusted" source, then this is 
particularly important.
If, instead of "234.56" below a malicious user could arrange to pass something 
like "2, '14/3/2017'); drop trend_data" then horrible things might happen!
Using parameters stops this, because no (SQL) parsing of the parameter value 

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From a newbie's point of view, how is this better (if doing it in 'hard
coded' format like below) than writing this code:

command.CommandText = string.format("INSERT INTO trend_data (tag_key,
value, value_timestamp) VALUES ({0}, {1}, {2})",2,234.56,now);

I can sort of understand it if its in a subroutine, and I appreciate the
example given was just an example, but whats the advantage of parametized

Sorry if diverting the topic somewhat....
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