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> I shared our database privately with Richard via email.

Your 664K is a conservative estimate.  On my (64-bit linux) desktop,
I'm showing 1.58MB of heap space used to store the schema.  (Hint:
bring up the database in the command-line shell, load the schema by
doing something like ".tables", then type ".stats".  There will be a
line that shows you the total amount of heap memory devoted to storing
the schema.  I'm showing 1583864 bytes.)

One thing you can do right away to save space is pick shorter names
for your 650 triggers an d indexes.  SQLite stores the full name.  But
as these names are not (normally) used by DML statements, you can call
them whatever you want.  I'm showing your average trigger and index
name length is 34 characters.  Why not shorten them all to 4
characters?  That isn't a lot of space, but it is a start.

D. Richard Hipp
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