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One thing you can do right away to save space is pick shorter names
for your 650 triggers an d indexes.  SQLite stores the full name.  But
as these names are not (normally) used by DML statements, you can call
them whatever you want.  I'm showing your average trigger and index
name length is 34 characters.  Why not shorten them all to 4
characters?  That isn't a lot of space, but it is a start.

I just checked and the total character count for the trigger and index names themselves is only 23k, which is not even a tiny dent in 1.58MB. Is there a muliplying factor somewhere which would make this worth doing?

Storing original SQL text such as SQL keywords surely consumes a lot of space (I am assuming this is what is done). If SQL command and verb text is converted into a more concise specification for internal use, then less memory should be consumed.

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