On 03/18/2017 02:01 PM, Sylvain Pointeau wrote:

If properly installed there should be no need to explicitly set a path.

You mean in the JDK (or JRE)? (if yes -> this is not always possible)

another question, do you confirm that sqlite3 is included into

Now I'm a little bit confused. You asked for an SEE enabled SQLite Java
binding. This requires you to 1. obtain your SEE license from DRH's company
and 2. to use the SEE sources and compile/link them to {lib,}sqlite_jni.{dll,so}
for your target platform.

So in any case involving SEE you have to rebuild things from source code
and deal with deployment on the target environment.

Regarding the {lib,}sqlite_jni.{dll,so}: it depends on the platform,
for Windows the SQLite 3 (and optionally 2) engine usually is directly linked
into that library. For Linuxen many distros have a javasqlite-something
package where the maintainers chose to dynamically link to the system
SQLite 3 library.


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