I use to develop mobile applications for years using VS 2008, and in fact, I 
have just developed a MFC C++ application that runs in the ARM machine without 
problem. I need to use SQLite3 for my application. That is why I need to 
compile it.

> On 20 Mar 2017, at 23:17, Jaime Stuardo <jstua...@desytec.com> wrote:
> Thanks all who answered.
> Yes... it seems a MSVC limitation, however, it is very strange. I am using 
> Visual Studio 2008 which does support ARM compilation.  I did that, adding 
> some compiler switches for target WIN32_CE but I got million of warnings, of 
> this type:
> sqlite3.c(166) : warning C4005: 'OS_VXWORKS' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(158) : see previous definition of 'OS_VXWORKS'
> sqlite3.c(216) : warning C4005: 'GCC_VERSION' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(214) : see previous definition of 'GCC_VERSION'
> sqlite3.c(222) : warning C4005: 'CLANG_VERSION' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(220) : see previous definition of 'CLANG_VERSION'
> sqlite3.c(227) : warning C4005: 'MSVC_VERSION' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(225) : see previous definition of 'MSVC_VERSION'
> sqlite3.c(10924) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE' : macro 
> redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(10920) : see previous definition of 
> sqlite3.c(10939) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_MAX_DEFAULT_PAGE_SIZE' : macro 
> redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(10935) : see previous definition of 
> sqlite3.c(11015) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_INT_TO_PTR' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(11012) : see previous definition of 'SQLITE_INT_TO_PTR'
> sqlite3.c(11016) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_PTR_TO_INT' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(11013) : see previous definition of 'SQLITE_PTR_TO_INT'
> sqlite3.c(11018) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_INT_TO_PTR' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(11015) : see previous definition of 'SQLITE_INT_TO_PTR'
> sqlite3.c(11019) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_PTR_TO_INT' : macro redefinition
>        sqlite3.c(11016) : see previous definition of 'SQLITE_PTR_TO_INT'
> sqlite3.c(11021) : warning C4005: 'SQLITE_INT_TO_PTR' : macro redefinition
> I need to compile this for Windows Mobile ARM device. Is there another way to 
> do it by mean of other compiler that works in Windows? I need to use Windows 
> since the output file should be a DLL.

Given that Windows for ARM was released around 2013 (if I remember correctly), 
I doubt that MSVC2008 will do. Sadly, GCC doesn’t support ARM for Windows as a 
target, and clang is on the way, but wasn’t ready yet last time I checked.
That being said, Windows for ARM/Windows RT doesn’t support “Desktop 
applications”. Is there any reason why need to have a DLL, and not the prebuilt 
package? I’d understand the need for native code, but then I’m not sure you can 
do that with anything earlier than Visual Studio 2013

> By opening sqlite3.c I found directives such as this:
> if defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER>=1400
> That suggests me that the code is prepared for MSVC also, but it is not 
> actually.
> Does somebody have experience compiling this in MSVC?
> Regards
> Jaime

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