Hello Frank Farance,
On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 23:06:54 -0500 GMT your local time,
which was Friday, December 24, 1999, 11:06:54 AM (GMT+0700) my local time,
Frank Farance wrote:

Frank> The Bat somehow corrupts the registry when you select it as the default mailer. 
 The following test should recreate the problem:

Frank>         1. Install Eudora Light
Frank>         2. Run Eudora so it asks "should I be your default mail program?".  
Answer Yes.
Frank>         3. Install The Bat.
Frank>         4. Run The Bat so it asks "should I be your default mail program?".  
Answer Yes.
Frank>         5. Run Eudora again so it asks "should I be your default mail 
program?".  Answer Yes.
Frank>         6. Winodws will crash hard.
Well, Blame a Mr Gates, Eudora, the Bat or yourself.
specifying 2 captains on the ship is asking a bit for potential

Frank> It is difficult to fix the registry at this point.  My solution is to exit from 
Windows to DOS mode and type:

Frank>         scanreg /restore

Frank> Which can restore yesterday's copy of the registry.   I'm not sure if this 
works on all Win98 workstations.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on Win95 
workstations.  I've had no problem with
Frank> Eudora and other mailers (Outlook, Netscape), so I think the problem is related 
to The Bat.
By a restore you bring everything back as it was before you added
things and it says nothing about whats to blame UNLESS you export
registry before and after the mess and compare line by line.

Frank> My configuration? IBM ThinkPad 770X with 320MB RAM, Pentium 300MHz, running 
Win98 (first edition).  Resources are not a problem because you can recreate the 
windows crashing problem just after
Frank> reboot.
In which case problem can also be the thinkpad.
IBM makes nice portables but like Compaq's they are a bit

(snip the complaints).
Considering that acc to your banner you are an IT professional your
test methods are a bit odd. That was the first thing I noted.
Nobody with computer experience would consider one hour adequate to
test ANY emailer and you obviously hadnt looked any further then the
basics of the thing as most 'problems' you reported werent problems,
just user lazyness...
Sorry to say it ...
This list IS useful, there Are bugs , lack of documentation and
whatever but the program runs in general quite well.
All of us have wishes of things to be fixed / changed.
As with any program...

If you ask for advice which isnt 20 points or whatever due to not
spending enough time to try to use it, read the menus, why should you
expect us to do that thinking work for you?

Also, you post this on Eudora and you still got that damn line length
set wrong!

Frank> The people that create open source software have higher quality because 
everyone can fix things.  This software should be open-sourced so that problems could 
get fixed.  The application is
Frank> very far from being mature.  Sure, Eudora Light isn't perfect and lacks many 
bells and whistles, but it is *reliable*, it uses an *existing* file format, and for 
many people it is relatively
Frank> easy to learn *basic* use (it can also do a reasonable job for filtering, 
address books, and fonts).  I'm a software engineer for over 20 years, but I am 
choosing E-mail products for
Frank> *non-technical* people (thus, interest in products like Eudora, Outlook, 
Netscape, The Bat).
Any programs in use you can mention which are yours?
And I like the comparison, of Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, The Bat...

Frank> I'm sure many of you will send criticisms of my points, but you should take a 
serious look at the questions posed above (paragraph and bullets starting with "FYI") 
and the responses given over
Frank> the E-mail reflector.  I really think you should ask yourself (1) if those 
responses I've received are reasonable, and (2) if those responses would encourage 
wide-scale use of The Bat, just as
Frank> Eudora has.
This list isnt there to stimulate widespread use...

Frank> I heard about The Bat because someone forwarded E-mail to me about a story in 
the Register.  I think the Register should be listening to this discussion ... they 
might not be as gushing next
Frank> time in their reporting.
Donot worry, Mike Magee of the register was a shareware author
himself... And he liked the Bat. Had NO problems in getting it to
work... If you want I can send him your email
as I happen to know him but I think his comments may be similar as ours!

Frank> Finally, I'm *not* a big fan of Eudora, but I use it because it works.  There 
are a bunch of little quirks, but mostly stuff I can live with.  Because E-mail is 
critical to my business, I
Frank> can't live with a buggy, hard-to-use problem like The Bat.  Since I paid for 
The Bat, I'll probably keep it around to get at those occassional uuencoded files that 
Eudora doesn't handle well.
You may find it very useful to export addressbooks out of corrupted
windows... or get the mail out of Outlook/outlook express.
I always have the bat with me as one of my recoverytools (g).
Anyway, I would suggest you give theBat another chance, a bit more

And if really none of the available emailers do for you, you can
always write one and then make it open source..

Best regards,

Using theBAT 1.38e 

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