ANNOUNCEMENT: TeXPower v0.0.8e

Hi all,

I'd like to announce a small update to the TeXPower bundle.

It contains mainly fixes and additions to the doc and gallery

This is supposed to be the last `letter update' for TeXPower
v0.0.8. If no severe bugs are found, the next update will be v0.0.9
which supports structured backgrounds.

I'd like to draw everybody's attention to the Frequently Asked
Questions list, available as
(Screen version)
(Printout version)
I'll try to add answers to most of the generally interesting questions
posed to me since the first release of TeXPower in due time.

You can make TeXPower easier and more efficient to use for everyone by
contributing to the FAQ List:

a) a question together with an answer you found (much appreciated);

b) a question of general interest which should be answered by this FAQ

Please send all contributions by email to

>From the file 0changes.txt:

Jun 23, 2000 16:00

    Added `simple demo' file for ifmslide.

    Some additions to the FAQ list.

    Added one file to the gallery.

    Created contrib directory with one file (config.landscapeplus).

    texpower.sty (v0.0.8e):
    Yet another rewrite of the page duplication code.
    The options robustduplicates and hackwrite are obsolete now.
    Fixed a small quirk in \dstep and \vstep.
    \darkbackground and relatives now set both page and text color.

You can download everything from the website


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