On Sun, 25 Jun 2000 15:16:34 +0100 (BST), Sven Bauer wrote:
> Slides produced with \documentclass[KOMA, a4paper, landscape, 
> calcdimensions]{powersem} seem to be too large. When viewed with xdvi -paper 
> the bottom line of the surrounding box and the slide number are outside the 
> bounding box of the page displayed by xdvi.

The problem is that the fact that powersem is even more pre-alpha
than texpower is reflected neither by the version number nor by
the documentation ;-)

I'm planning to start working earnestly on powersem as soon as the
first full version of texpower is out.

> Are the slides really too large or does xdvi use the wrong offset?

They are too large indeed...

The way calcdimensions works is way too primitive I'm

As I'm never using frames, it didn't handle the dimensions 
\slideframewidth and \slideframesep.

I've added that now and am building a micro-update right 
now (ETA 10:00h).

It seems to work with the small example derived from your
\documentclass setting.

Please try it out on your document. If it still doesn't 
work, please provide a minimal example.


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